About Me

"Just a simple human being --with big dreams and scarred knees, who still believes another world is possible."

My name is Sandy (she/her). I'm a Puerto Rican graphic designer and lettering artist.

I've been in a journey of self-discovery since my mental health diagnosis, followed by the fibromyalgia one. I live with both chronic physical and emotional pain on a daily basis as part of the symptoms. I've found in digital art a therapeutic way to cope with my conditions and connect with the things I'm passionate about. Nothing could be more inspirational than transforming my struggle into something beautiful I can share with others.

I'm completely self-taught and love to have the chance to develop my skills doing what I enjoy and does me so much good. With every piece of my artwork I'm sharing with you part of this journey. I hope they get to you with the same passion and love I made them with.

PS: Thanks for supporting small businesses. To me it's really important to have your feedback and insights. Contact me for any business related matter or for some words of encouragement that some days are so needed. If you feel, you can also leave me a token of appreciation through the "Tip Me" button. It would sure brighten my day.